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The best restaurants in Ubud

The best restaurants Ubud Menu



Ubud is fast becoming the gastronomic capital of Asia.

This artist town can attract a massive amount of talented chefs from all over the world.

Delighting tourist and locals with amazing flavours. Read on for my take on the best restaurants in Ubud.

My personal list of the best restaurants in Ubud goes from the most casual places to more fancy and trendy one.

To eat there, you will have to book in advance, especially in the July-August high season as those places are often fully booked.


Taco Casa restaurant Ubud

Burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas are kings here.

Taco Casa is home to everything we tend to love concerning Tex-Mex food, and everything is created from scratch a la minute.

Cheap, cheerful and free from any flavouring or preservatives, Taco Casa is a casual and straightforward affair, and excellent for families too.

Whereas the kiddos tuck into hell Fresh nachos cumulous high with cream, guac, cheese and beans, adults will relish the Margaritas with a kick. After all, what's a Mexican dinner without tequila-based to scrub it all down.

Rouge restaurant Ubud

Rouge Lounge and Sushi Bar welcome you to experience a cool jazzy atmosphere, delight in pure comfort with a refined bit by mixing two cultures into one.

Snug sofas and comfortable armchairs area unit grasp the middle room of rouge Lounge Bar.

Distinctive on its own and the only one on the island is the Baby Red piano.

Jazz is played here a few nights a month from 19:30 till 22:00, complemented by regular art exhibitions adorning the massive walls.

You'll relish the tranquillity of their lounge garden a mere steps away from the busy centre of Ubud.

Rouge provides an oversized choice of dish and Japanese dishes that can be washed down with inventive cocktails.

This is, in my opinion, the best sushi in Ubud so it makes it ot the list of the best restaurants in Ubud


La Pacha mama restaurant Ubud

Excellent Mexican preparation with a twist. Everything on the menu at La Pacha Mama is entirely vegetable, with all the standard meat ingredients replaced with plant-based manufacture.

Try boozy mushrooms and carrot tostadas to begin, or grilled curd tacos and slow-cooked jackfruit burritos for the mains.

A smattering of desserts and a full grown-up drinks list augment the flavour of this Ubud staple.

Batubara restaurant Ubud

For the meat and cut lovers, this is a must-go best restaurant in Ubud.

Settled within the city centre, hidden off a flip of Pengosekan Road next to Arma Museum. Batubara appearance seems like the busy room of an Argentinian family.

Pablo, the owner, can welcome and guide you through the most effective decisions of dishes, steaks and wines. What a journey.


Sayan house restaurant Ubud

This Ubud gem merely is 20 minutes from the city centre, off from the hustle and bustle with extensive views of the encircling forest that borders the dramatic Sayan Gorge.

Expect fine casual feeding here with a fantastic fusion of Latin Japanese preparation.

We're talking tuna croquettes with wasabi mash, pate Nigiri dish and tempeh dish tacos. YUM. And FYI, the employees are exceptional too.

This restaurant made it on ly list of the best restaurants in Ubud in large part due to their stunning view. Go at sunset time and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset views in Ubud.

Nusantara restaurant Ubud

Nusantara is dropped to us by the similar victory cooking team of eating place Locavore. I had to get at least one Indonesian food restaurant in my list of the best restaurants in Ubud.

Eating at Nusantara is all about top end Indonesian food from all the Indonesian's provinces.

It's as authentic as it is delicious.

With dishes that represent the guts and soul of this vast country, you'll take a cooking journey like no other.

Similarly to Locavore, it is recommended to book ahead, as this is another one of this year spherical hit.

Room 4 Dessert Restaurant Ubud

Room 4 Dessert in Ubud may be the most fabulous remodelled desert warehouse in the world.

With cosy bench tables, and seats at the bar. You'll watch the workers prepare the food ahead of you.

World-Class expertise is on display. It is fantastic to visualise the difficulty that goes into the preparation of the deserts.

You can choose to eat in the main room and do the full nine-course dessert tasting menu. You won't regret it, trust me. Or you can sit in the garden where you can sample a smaller menu of 5 deserts. This is great if you have a sweet craving after dinner.

We tend to love the Chocobubbles, that is delineated as a mousse with mum's cookies! Scarborough pear was our absolute favourite with such numerous texture of fruit, smooth mousse and cookies. The flavour was superb.

The menu changes 2-3 times each year. Thus you'll keep coming until you've tried all of them. Then there'll most likely be an entirely new menu to pick from!. !!

Room 4 Dessert is taking an annual break and will be closed until April 2019 so check before you go. They are preparing a new concept which we are looking forward to trying out.

Locavore restaurant Ubud

If you're lucky enough to get a booking at this über popular Ubud favourite (definitely book a table 2-3 months before you arrive in Bali) you'll understand what all the fuss is about.

Because as the name suggests, Locavore uses solely sustainably sourced ingredients from the island of Bali even the plates and cutlery are created domestically.

There is a choice between the five courses and the seven-course menu. And you can also choose a vegetarian menu which is a feast for a real style of Chef Owners Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah's cooking genius.

Just in case you didn't grasp, these guys created history at the Asia's fifty Best Restaurants awards by single-handed representing Dutch East Indies and changing into the sole edifice (ever) to skyrocket up the list by a stunning twenty-seven places.

Once you're done losing your mind over their madly sensible food, move the road to their production cocktail bar The Night chicken for a nightcap tipple or two.


Mozaic restaurant Ubud

Mozaic restaurant has won numerous awards we tend to can't even begin to list all of them.

That says quite a heap concerning cook Chris Salans' dynamical menu, that consists of à la minute creations that showcase his passion for native ingredients of the higher standard sourced from the ocean and farms across the island.

Mozaic may be a legend within the world of gastronomy, and a favourite on the island. It follows the philosophy of ‘Cuisine du Marché', that refers to a wedding of seasonal ingredients with contemporary French techniques each within the cookery and presentation.

All of this is offered in a sublime setting with an impeccable standards of service and makes Mozaic one of the best restaurants in Ubud


Blanco by Mandrif restaurant Ubud

Any Bali-based, self-respectful gourmet can grasp Blanco.

The ten seats are solely eating place that serves ultra fine feeding Indonesian cookery in an exceedingly wholly refined setting.

Well, following such a lot gourmet packaging, celeb cook and owner Mandif Warokka (the same owner as Teatro in Seminyak) expanded this intimate, award-winning restaurant to seat twenty-eight lucky guests.

You'll wish to order one in every one of these hot dishes. As a result of Mandrif has his sights on Michelin stars, and that we don't doubt him for a second.

Working with produce from native farmers, the food is contemporary and made regionally, and while the eating menu takes centre stage.

Let's not forget the drinks! We tend to love the mini cocktail counter at the chef's tasting table, that shakes and stirs classic cocktails right ahead of your eyes.

Have you been to a great restaurant in Ubud? Let us know if the comments below.

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